We are Declutter My Clutter.

We don’t just declutter, organize and disappear. We’re passionate about what we do, which involves working directly with you and transferring those skills so you can maintain the results. We work with people who are just as serious and committed to the process of change as we are. We help you take back control of your space by helping you develop better habits.

There are plenty of people out there who claim to be Professional Organizers, but few have the qualifications or experience to back up their claims of what professionalism really means.

At Declutter My Clutter, we value proper education and experience in our field.

Let true Professionals help!

When systems are in place that simplify your life, you can finally concentrate on just living your life!


Meet Marina

Marina Mahnken is a Professional Organizer, the owner of Declutter My Clutter LLC, a Professional Member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO), a member of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD), member of the NAPO NNJ Chapter and the NAPO Virtual Chapter, Monmouth County NJ resident, former preschool teacher, wife, and mother of three girls.

Since childhood, Marina has always had a knack and natural talent for creating uncluttered and organized spaces for herself and others. During her years as a certified preschool teacher, in addition to teaching early childhood academics, teaching children and other staff members how to maintain organized classroom spaces became a cherished task.

Marina holds an A.S. degree in Educational Studies, B.S. degree in Early Childhood Education with a concentration in Sociology and Master’s credits in School Leadership. Marina holds a Residential Organizing Specialist Certificate, Workplace Productivity Specialist Certificate and Life Transitions Specialist Certificate all issued by NAPO as well as a Foundation Certificate of Study in Chronic Disorganization issued by ICD.

With a background teaching and tutoring children and adults alike, Marina enjoys coaching and transferring skills about organizing and productivity.

Sometimes finding the right Professional Organizer for you has to do with organizing “style”. Marina is less concerned with creating a “Pinterest-perfect” look when organizing, but instead helping to create a realistic and functional space that makes sense for each particular client’s needs, while taking into consideration natural landing places and current behaviors.

Allow Marina Mahnken and her staff of qualified Professional Organizers help you declutter and organize your home and life today!

Meet Jaime

Jaime is a native NJ’er with two beautiful children. She has always been the person to find the silver lining in the darkest rain cloud.
When her husband suddenly passed away a few years ago, it left her with a lot of “stuff” to handle in her home. Dealing with his belongings was very difficult, but provided a life experience of how to part with emotional items and eventually let go.

Observing a talent in Jaime to efficiently organize her own spaces, Marina offered her an opportunity to use her natural skills to help other people to organize and better maintain their spaces. Jamie believes it is truly rewarding to see the look on a client’s face when they realize they can have their stuff, but in its place. She’s never been a minimalist, but that doesn’t mean her things don’t have their own place. She especially enjoys a good craft room project!

Meet Lisa

Lisa’s background as a small business owner and stylist for a local magazine always included one key component: organization. Lisa loves helping others tackle the art of decluttering and organization. Joining Declutter My Clutter was a natural next step for her.

Lisa’s favorite space to organize is clothing closets. She loves when clients not only feel excited they can see all their clothing but they find items they even forgot they had. It’s like going shopping without even leaving the house!  Her favorite moment is the look on her clients’ faces when they can once again enjoy the space that they call home.

Meet Noelle

Noelle is a proud resident of Monmouth County and dog mom to two very energetic rescue pups! When she’s not professionally organizing, you can find her working on various home improvement projects as well as running an event-planning business.

Her most recent years of experience in the advertising world have further taught her the importance of being organized and efficient in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. She applies this same skill and creativity as a Professional Organizer with Declutter My Clutter. Some of Noelle’s favorite types of organization projects are working in closets and kids’ rooms, as well as filing paper.

Fun fact: Organizer Noelle and Organizer Lisa are often referred to as Declutter My Clutter’s “Closet Queens“! Let them help you work some magic in your home today!

Meet Erika

Upon meeting Erika, you are almost guaranteed a feeling of calm and it is no surprise that Erika loves organizing with clients because it helps bring a sense of calm to their life.

Erika has always enjoyed assisting her family and friends with their organizing projects, especially paperwork, photos, and clothes!

She joins the Declutter My Clutter Team as a special asset with our kid clients on weekends and during the Summer!

During the school year, (on school days) Erika teaches math at the middle school level! A large part of her teaching is helping children build their executive functioning skills, organize their materials, planners, and assignments and developing time management skills.

Erika is a tremendous team player and grew up being included on teams – baton twirling, colorguard, dance team and she has also been a colorguard instructor.

In her current spare time, she enjoys learning to Lindy Hop with her significant other and loves spending time at the beach!

Meet Elly

Elly is a beach-goer, dog-lover, and wife who enjoys spending time with family. Teamwork, building relationships,  and checking off to-do lists are areas that she is most passionate about.

Elly works as a School Counselor at the Middle School level in addition to organizing professionally. She is known to pay attention to detail and take time to understand the client’s mindset and emotional needs.

When organizing and decluttering, Elly’s goal is to help clients feel accomplished, less stressed and find ways to live their day-to-day routines more efficiently. Elly takes pride in working with clients at their own pace and strives to use organizational solutions that the client already has.

She also likes to include the kids in projects to ensure they also understand new organizational strategies and take responsibility for their own space.  Her favorite places to organize are in kitchens,  closets and kids’ rooms or playrooms!