Client Love

“I highly recommend Marina to organize any of your clutter. Marina was hired to organize my closet. She is very professional and is on a mission. Putting my clothes away is a lot easier now because every piece of clothing has it’s place.”


“It was a pleasure working with Marina! She is very knowledgeable about organization and helped me get rid of a lot of stuff that I’ve been holding on to for way too long. She made great recommendations and helped me get organized and hopefully I’ll be able to stay organized! I would highly recommend her to anyone who asked!”


“Marina was fast and efficient but she made sure that I was the one making decisions. Never did I feel like I had to get rid of something. She was also great at grouping things together, things that in hindsight should always have been grouped together but that somehow never were (ie. things for my photography business go over here, clothes I wear all the time go over here, props go over here).

We tackled areas of my room I had been afraid to go through for literally years. Everything under my bed? Pulled out and gone through. The layers of things in my closet? Disassembled and organized into groups. The top shelf of my closet that was difficult to reach and filled with bags? Turns out I had clothes in there that I had thought I had lost and one pair of pants had money in them.

Speaking of finding things, I kept finding things I thought had been lost forever which was a great feeling. The best feeling by far though was after several hours of work we had completed my basic goal of clearing a path from the door to the dresser.

10 out of 10. I would definitely recommend her to others. Call Marina and get your life back.


“Marina is the best of the best! I would have never, ever been able to go threw all of these years of memories & make the decisions I need to make without her guidance & compassion!

Thank god I found her! I can’t believe how quickly I am moving forward. She is an expert in this field & it’s so obvious how much she loves doing what she does! Love her so much!! Thank you, Marina!”

Lisa M.

“Declutter My Clutter was amazing and super productive. Marina worked amazing with both my kids (who happen to be toy hoarders), and actually transform their playroom into a functioning one. We were able to purge, organize, and actually see what we had. My downstairs already looks so much better, and Marina gave me some helpful tips of what I can continue to do on my own.  We are all thrilled so far with her work, and I will definitely be scheduling more sessions with Marina to help declutter my upstairs.  She was great and we are all very happy!”


“Marina is amazing at what she does, which is way beyond de-cluttering physical space. She asks the difficult questions to get beyond the clutter so that the decision you finally make about what you DO with your “stuff” is one that makes sense for HOW you live, WHAT you need, and WHO you are. I thought I was just cleaning up the way things looked but my experience of the process was SO MUCH more!”


“I have to say Marina, owner of Declutter My Clutter… she is one of the most amazing girls I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

It’s a very scary thing when you are overwhelmed by life… she literally came to my rescue, took control of my situation & made it seem so chill. She makes all of my anxiety go away…. gets me through everything that I thought would be impossible! She has some kind of magic in her. Every session, she goes above & beyond for me, even putting me in touch with other professionals that I need to complete the task of getting my house ready to go up for sale. This girl is amazing & I’m so grateful to have her skills, guidance & expertise!

Thank you Marina for all of your awesomeness! I can’t wait to see you again in August.”

Lisa M.

“Marina is a godsend. I struggle with ADD and anxiety and I met with Marina to help tackle my apartment. As a single guy that works a lot, this is a huge task. But of course, she made it seem easy. She asked which areas of my apartment caused the most anxiety and we ended up focusing on those areas first. We decided to do my bedroom first and minimize my linen and sock collection. Then worked through my bag collection and luggage. All in the first session! I set up more appointments in order to tackle my living room and kitchen and will update in the future. Highly recommended! You will not be disappointed!”


“Marina was professional and so very helpful! She has a way of naturally getting me in the groove of decluttering and organizing. We got so much done in a really short time. Looking forward to our next session!”


“Marina, from Declutter My Clutter, has helped this ADHD mama, tremendously! As most people with Adhd, I struggle with spending a lot of time doing things to clean and organize, but not actually doing anything productive because if I’m in the middle of putting laundry away, but then see something else, I will beeline to that, and the laundry doesn’t get done, and I can spend hours doing this. So, I spend a lot of time and energy without actually accomplishing anything.

Marina helped me to figure out the most logical way for space in my home to be used to the maximum efficiency, and, she also taught me some mantras to help with reminding myself on the things we discussed/she taught me while she was in my home with me so that, I can apply them when she’s not standing next to me asking me, does this go in the keep pile, garbage pile, and if keep is it a memento, an accessory etc? She taught me that nothing is miscellaneous and that everything had a respective spot. She taught me effective ways to try and combat my natural desire to beeline to everything I see in my line of vision before I am finished with what is in front of me. While she was here, she reigned me in every time I wanted to beeline, but we hadn’t accomplished what was in front of us. Marina seriously has made me into a new person by teaching me ways to cope with my ADHD and clutter.

Everyone needs to spend some time with this friendly, innovative, and warm Professional Organizer in their home!”


“Marina is helping me work on letting go right now… it’s been the only thing I haven’t been able to get through on my own… I must say when I first hired her I was thinking in my head “I could do this without her!” But right after our first session I knew she was just the right person for my issue. I must say when we first started it was just about getting one area decluttered and organized, but each project made me work even harder to get my whole life organized. This was exactly what I needed. Not only have I made loads of cash from things I sold. I also donated lots of items to people and organizations, I saved loads of cash because I re-gifted things, I found so many things that I didn’t even remember I had. I also have cleared my head of all the things I knew I had to get to. Those things were easy because we did them together. Not to mention all the great ideas she has each time we meet. She lets me know how we can make my life easier. I must say I have made you a monthly appointment. While you are gone I do other things and get things moving faster. I needed you in my home to get me to where I am today. I finally am ready to move onto better things. From the time we began my thoughts are clearer, my house is much easier to get organized.

I even notice that my family is taking me serious now and when they see the house getting organized they keep it organized with me. So happy I chose you from all the people that were on the list of organizers. You have such a great personality, no judgement, not pushy and very gentle when it comes to thinking of ways to get things organized and letting go of some sentimental items. Today you gave me so many ideas for storing my sons momentos and precious memories. You truly are the best declutterer in NJ.


“I hired Marina to get my whole house decluttered so I could put it up for sale. She literally rescued me from being so overwhelmed. She helped me decide why to keep, donate & dump. Was the best decision hiring her because she is one of the smartest, coolest person I’ve met in a long time. She made something I thought I would dread actually fun. She took control of everything until the job was finished & even hooked me up with places that took my donations, estates sales & junk removal. Thank you so much Marina. Looking forward to our next task together at my fathers house!”

Lisa M.

“If you think that professional organizing just consists of closets and junk drawers, think again!!! Marina of Declutter My Clutter helped me to realize that the root of my “organizational issues” was in time management. She helped me to accept that things, albeit organized, will not always look like an ad out of Good Housekeeping Magazine, AND THAT THAT’S OK. Her time management techniques and sample schedules have helped me tremendously; and most importantly from initial meeting number one, you can feel she genuinely CARES, She takes the time, gets to know you, and helps to create a system that will work for you. Marina is absolutely wonderful!”


“Marina is more than excellent at what she does. She is compassionate and caring, and really gets at the cause of the clutter, so that you’re not just clearing or cleaning up a space… you’re making positive and lasting change and preventing the clutter from happening again.

Lisa H.

“Marina is so easy to work with. She brings hope and peace and leaves it behind. Seriously she is amazing at what she does. A warm compassionate person who helps get you to your goal. I love working with her.”


“According to Marina, I am super organized, which is true! However, there were things behind doors, drawers and closets in my home that were driving me crazy. Marina was super understanding and patient in working with me and the things that were causing me a bit of stress. Our first time working together, we organized the drawers and counters in my kitchen to make them more organized and efficient. Items are now in places where they make sense and are easier to find. I look forward to working with her on the rest of my home!”


“Day 1 with Marina was super productive. We got through a lot because I was already prepared to purge. She had great advice, great organizational skills and super gentle. She explained what we were going to do and what the goals were for the day. I took many breaks because of my legs and she was okay with it. Today we got rid of expired things that were in my pantry and haven’t been used in years. I was so excited with what we accomplished today and can’t wait for our next session. Everything will have its place.  The rest of the family was happy to see all of the things readily and accessible. Well worth the call.”


“I hired Marina to help me go through a basement storage area and was so glad I did!  She was very efficient and we got through a lot more stuff than if I was doing it myself. Plus she gave me tips along the way for future organization. Very easy to talk to which made it an overall pleasant experience! Her prices can’t be beat for the service you get. Highly recommend!”


“I’ve worked with Marina, and she is magic! She is so brilliant at organizing, and turning cluttered room into a relaxing space. She not only gives you the tools to organize going forward, but once your space is organized your mind feels better, and you don’t get anxiety walking into your house. Would definitely work with her again.”


“Marina was kind but firm. We only had one session but accomplished so much. I highly recommend her.


“I contacted Marina today for many ideas on how to clean out my house due to a pending move. She was fantastic, not only with speedy responses, but smart solutions & ideas that are creative and helpful! Superior!


“Marina was easy to work with. From the first conversation on the phone I immediately knew that my husband and I would feel far less stressed with our decluttering. Marina got to work right away and gave us some great tips and pointers on how we can begin decluttering our mail and strategies on how to manage excess paperwork that always tends to pile up. Efficient help! Smart purging! Marina made life easier as we begin to enter the next chapter of our life with a newborn in a small townhouse. We hired Marina for this weekend and for the next few to follow. Very reasonably priced and quite flexible with her time also. Highly recommend!


“Marina Mahnken is just wonderful. When you don’t know where to start decluttering, she knows. She really helped me a lot and I would definitely have her back if and when I need her again! I would highly recommend Marina and her company.


“Marina doesn’t just help organize your space, she teaches you how to think like an organized person. By deftly asking all the right questions, she will kind of train you if you’re up for it! I took away a lot! And threw out a lot too!


“Marina helped me reorganize my kitchen and my sons room. I didn’t realize how much stuff we had that we didn’t need. I am looking forward to her helping me with the other rooms. :)”


“I highly recommend Marina! She did wonders with my closet, gave me lots of organizational tips, and was lovely to work with throughout the process. If you have a spot in your home that needs organizational attention, hiring Marina is the perfect solution!


“Marina spent generous amounts of time on the phone with me before my at home consult getting to know me and my home situation. And Jaime was amazing! Every area in my home from my basement to my garage and everything in between is now sorted and organized. I love my home and now its so much easier to maintain.”


“Declutter my Clutter really helped me get my new pantry and kitchen so neat and organized! She is so amazing and I am so thankful for all your help!!!”


“Marina has taught me so much. She really helped me to re-frame the way I think about the things in my home. She is a true professional and never left me in a mess, even if we didn’t get fully through the area we were working on. I always knew what my next moves were going to be. She not only ‘physically’ motivated me but she gave me the everlasting tools to continue making choices based on what I’ve learned from working with her. I highly recommend her services.”


“Marina and Jamie did such a fantastic job organizing my room! The mess and, yes, clutter had really gotten out of hand. At first, I thought of hiring a friend or family member to help me, but that would have been a big mistake. It takes a certain kind of mindset to tackle a mess like my room, and Jamie definitely has it! She had so many ingenious ideas, and she’s also fun to work with. I felt a little guilty because I’ve been having health problems and couldn’t do more that day than sit on the bed and watch Jamie work her magic. I now have the space to paint (I’m a former book designer). I would use Declutter My Clutter anytime, and plan to soon… things are getting a little out of hand again!”


“It’s only been a day since Marina was here and already there are real world changes to my room being accessible. Equipment that was helpful but not necessary for my business which was in a hard to reach part of my room was almost never used. It will be used today for the first time in forever. For a long time the idea of bringing a date back to my place was… stressful. That’s not the case anymore. Today was the first day in a long time I woke up and didn’t immediately feel the mild anxiety of knowing my room should be cleaner as I would try and leapfrog from area to area around my room.

Between helping calm anxiety, potentially helping with dating and definitely helping with my business, I’m not sure why I didn’t do this years ago. If you are on the fence, do it. You won’t be sorry. Marina was awesome, she was constantly aware as to when I was starting to get overwhelmed and would help me focus, she came with hooks for doors, she loves going through papers but was completely respectful of my privacy, she gave me opinions about the clothes I had when I asked. I would recommend her to everyone.