shutterstock_179915438So you have decided you may be interested in getting spaces in your home decluttered and organized! Great! Now what? How do we get started?

First we learn more about you and your spaces! This is achieved by an initial phone call, followed by in-home assessment visit.

⇒ Initial Phone Call

During this initial phone correspondence, we learn if our services are a good fit for your project, and if so, we will schedule a free in-home assessment.

After the initial phone call, you may email us photos of the space(s) that you wish to declutter and organize, so that we can get familiar with your kind of project.

⇒ Assessment (approximately 30 minutes)

This is an in-home assessment typically completed in approximately 30 minutes. It is an opportunity for us to learn more about your organizational struggles. In this time, we will walk through and view the space you wish to declutter and organize.

During the walk-through, we evaluate the current functions of the space, discuss your goals in getting organized, and consider what has and has not been working for you. In this time, we offer suggestions and discuss implementing systems that can work for you and your family. We discuss some ideas to help improve the functionality of the space, while considering your vision.

Toward the close of the assessment, you will receive a Declutter My Clutter Working Agreement for review and we will offer a verbal rough estimate of the amount of time the project may take and begin to schedule those sessions. Please be advised that this is just a base estimation of hours and the actual amount of hours can depend upon a number of relative factors.

After we learn about you and your project, a Declutter My Clutter Professional Organizer begins rolling up her sleeves to physically get to work on your project!