Let’s embark on this journey together to transform your living spaces into a clutter-free and organized environment that suits your lifestyle.

Are You Ready?

Are you a resident of Monmouth County, New Jersey, and ready to tackle clutter and improve organization in your home?

Getting Started with Declutter My Clutter

At Declutter My Clutter, we like to start at the beginning and learn about YOU. This is why we take a step-by-step process in approaching your personal organizational needs.

Step 1: Initial Assessment – Free (30 minutes)

Before scheduling any in-person decluttering or organizing sessions, clients must first schedule a free 30-minute Assessment meeting. It can be conducted in-person or virtually via Zoom. This meeting allows us to understand your organizational challenges better and discuss potential solutions.

Understanding Your Space and Goals

During the initial Assessment, we tour the space, assess its current functionality, identify what’s been working and what hasn’t, and discuss your goals for organization. We offer suggestions for improvement and explore systems that could work for you and your family.

Estimating the Project

At the end of the Assessment, we may provide a rough estimate of the time needed for your project. This estimate is based on various factors and may change as we progress. It’s important that the spaces remain untouched before the Assessment so we can accurately assess its natural state.

Suitability of Our Services

During this time, we also determine if our services are suitable for your needs and align with your project. It’s important to note that we don’t work in unsanitary conditions or handle projects in certain areas like workplaces, filing cabinets, digital files, photos, or garages. Additionally, our services may not be suitable for clients requiring extensive support for hoarding tendencies.

START HERE! Let's discuss your decluttering/organizing projects! Please fill out this intake form and allow 24 hours for a response to schedule your Assessment meeting.

Declutter My Clutter conducts in-person 4-hour sessions (10am-2pm; Mon-Fri) with residential clients in Monmouth County, New Jersey and in some towns in Middlesex County, New Jersey.