How do I prepare for the Assessment appointment?2023-09-16T12:47:04+00:00

First, please discuss the choice to declutter and organize with all other individuals sharing the space who may be affected. Please make them aware that Declutter My Clutter will conduct a virtual Assessment prior to that appointment. Being able to evaluate the space appropriately means that we need it in its “natural form”, noticing where and how items naturally fall, so please refrain from attempting to declutter before the Assessment appointment.

What is the cancellation/reschedule policy?2023-09-18T17:53:14+00:00

The Cancellation Policy applies to every scheduled session. We require that clients provide a minimum of 24-hours’ notice in writing if the session must be rescheduled or cancelled for any reason to avoid a $50 cancellation fee. We may sometimes contact our clients prior to appointment sessions to confirm/remind. However, it is the client’s responsibility to remember appointments and confirm. Reminders by Declutter My Clutter are not guaranteed.

If it is absolutely necessary for the client to reschedule, all paid session hours must be rescheduled and used within two (2) months of the first purchase date. If all hours are not used within two (2) months of date of purchase, funds and hours will be forfeited.

What methods of payment are accepted and when?2023-09-16T12:47:42+00:00

We use Calendly software to schedule sessions and PayPal to accept payments.

To efficiently schedule and pay for a session, please select a date on the Declutter My Clutter Calendar here:


Sessions must be purchased in full to be reserved on the Declutter My Clutter calendar. Payments for all sessions are collected in-advance. All payments are nonrefundable and all payments/sessions are nontransferable to any other clients.

Do you install organizing shelves?2023-09-16T14:09:48+00:00

Declutter My Clutter does not install shelving or assemble organizational units. A licensed contractor  should be contacted for such services. If an organizational unit, shelving, or other such product must be assembled and/or installed, we ask that you schedule that before or after our sessions together.

Do you haul away donated items or personal paper to be shredded?2023-09-16T12:49:25+00:00

Currently, Declutter My Clutter does not haul away donated/discarded items on the client’s behalf. We can advise on local and convenient options for junk removal services or donation pick up services for unwanted/unneeded items that are creating unnecessary clutter in the home.

As you are likely aware, much of the unneeded personal paper should be shredded to protect sensitive and identifying information. You may already have a personal paper shredder at home, which we recommend utilizing. There are also shredding locations and events that take place in Monmouth County, New Jersey. Local office supply stores can also shred documents for a charge. Declutter My Clutter can discuss options with you during our sessions. However, we currently do not haul away any paper items to be shredded.

Am I going to need to get rid of stuff?2023-09-16T12:50:04+00:00

Sorting and purging are typically part of any organizing process.

Declutter My Clutter assists clients in the decision-making process, but final decisions are always made by clients. We do not throw anything away without the client’s permission.

In the case of donation items, and where to donate, this is a client’s personal choice. We will discuss your options for donating unwanted/unneeded items that are creating unnecessary clutter in the home.

Do I have to be home during the organizing sessions?2023-09-16T12:50:52+00:00

We prefer that service hours be completed with the client present and in partnership, for at least part of the session, so that the decision-making phase of the process can be accomplished effectively.

To make the most of our session time, we ask that distractions be minimal, and that any children are cared for by another caretaker, for the sake of efficiency and productive progress of each session.

Declutter My Clutter will often offer clients “homework” in between service sessions, so that all time is used efficiently.

Is an organizing service the same as a cleaning service?2023-09-16T12:51:30+00:00

Although basic and very minimal “light cleaning” (for example: wiping down a dusty shelf that is to be reorganized) is sometimes part of the decluttering process, Declutter My Clutter is NOT a cleaning service. Moderate, heavy and deep cleaning should be done by proper cleaning professionals before or after organizing sessions with us.

Since home decluttering deals with personal items, how is confidentiality handled?2023-09-16T12:52:09+00:00

Your privacy is important to us. Declutter My Clutter does not share personal information about our clients. We adhere to the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) Code of Ethics. Anything the client shares is held in confidence. *

When “Before” and “After” photos are taken to be shared on social media and/or our website, we take great precaution to ensure that no personal or identifying information is ever evident in such photos. “Before” and “After” photos of client projects are always anonymously labeled. Names and locations are never shared.

*All client information is held in confidence, except where disclosure is required by law.

How long do decluttering and organizing sessions take?2023-09-16T12:52:44+00:00

Decluttering and organizing sessions with Declutter My Clutter are completed in 4-hour blocks at a time. This ensures that you see a valuable change in the work we do. This time includes the process of decluttering, sorting, purging, categorizing, organizing, containerizing, and wrapping up. Four hours is a base minimum and most work will take much longer, depending on many factors like size of space, amount of items in space, distractions in the home (example – children, pets, visitors, phone calls and e-mail), and decision-making time. Most decluttering and organizing projects will be broken up into several sessions and days.

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