Initial In-Home Evaluation  (30-45 minutes) – FREE

The initial in-home evaluation is an opportunity for us to learn more about your organizational struggles. During the walk-through, we evaluate the current functions of the space, discuss your goals in getting organized, and consider what has and has not been working for you. This is also the time where we determine if our services are the right fit for your specific needs.

Organizing Sessions – $199-$219/Session

Organizing Sessions are completed in 4-hour blocks at a time.

All sessions with Declutter My Clutter are 10am-2pm, Monday-Saturday.

Each session includes the time to consult, declutter, sort, purge, categorize, organize, wrap up, collect payment and schedule the next session. Sessions will differ depending on each individual circumstance. Several 4-hr sessions will typically be required to complete a home organizing project.

Organizing Session time includes the process of professional consulting, that is, offering suggestions and discussion of implementing possible systems that can work for you, your schedule and your home. We discuss ideas to help improve the functionality of the space, while considering your vision and goals.

4-hour sessions – 10am-2pm (Mon-Sat)

$199 per session (for a residential location up to 25 minutes travel from Main St./Little St. in Matawan, NJ)

or $219 per session (for a residential location between 25 and 45 minutes travel from Main St./Little St. in Matawan, NJ)

You may also choose from our popular Pre-Pay Package Options to pay for four (4) or more sessions in advance to save money overall:

Pre-Pay Package Option #1 – 4 sessions/16 hours
$759 (location up to 25 minutes travel)
$839 (location 25-45 minutes travel)

Pre-Pay Package Option #2 – 5 sessions/20 hours
$934 (location up to 25 minutes travel)
$1,034 (location 25-45 minutes travel)

Pre-Pay Package Option #3 – 6 sessions/24 hours
$1,099 (location up to 25 minutes travel)
$1,219 (location 25-45 minutes travel)

For many people, the important work done by Professional Organizers is not a luxury, but a necessity! This is why Declutter My Clutter continues to keep rates comparably low.

All payments are due in full when each session is complete. All payments are collected in-person. We accept payment by major credit card or personal check* made out to Declutter My Clutter.

*Please be aware, there will be an additional charge of $35 for any check returned for insufficient funds.

Shopping Time – $49 flat fee

Occasionally, new organizational items/supplies may need to be purchased if they are not available, or to create the look of uniformity. There are plenty of organizational solutions out there, but trying to sift through all of them to find what you really need is not always an easy task. Declutter My Clutter can help you shop for appropriate solutions.
We do not take up valuable in-home decluttering/organizing session hours to research organizing solutions for your home’s specific needs. This is done off-premises.
The $49 flat fee includes online research of up to five (5) organizational solutions. Declutter My Clutter does not purchase any items, but instead researches and sends a purchase order list to the client who will then choose what to purchase on their own before the next organizing session.

Haul Away Donation Items – $29 flat fee

If and where to donate is a client’s personal choice. We will discuss some of your local options for donating unwanted/unneeded items that are creating unnecessary clutter in the home.
Declutter My Clutter can haul away donation items at the end of each session and donate to one (1) local donation facility, on the client’s behalf.
This fee includes only bagged/boxed items that will fit into the trunk of a standard CUV at one time. Depending on the local donation facility, in some cases (like Goodwill), a charitable donation receipt may also be available to be obtained. The items will need to be assessed by the client for content value prior to drop-off if choosing to obtain a charitable donation receipt.